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GAMA&GAMA launches the first campaign for the Romanian brand Thank’Q


Life is beautiful. That is what the advertisements in TOP ADC * RO November 2022 state.

DDB Romania puts soul into the launch of the new product range of Vera Verde from Gama & Gama


Georgiana Gheorghiu, Marketing Manager, Gama&Gama: a business withstands if it respects its customers, regardless of their demands

Gold Partner la Conferinta Progresiv

GAMA&GAMA, Gold Partner at the Progressive Conference, the largest business event in the Romanian retail market & FMCG, 21st edition "Unlock the future"

Private Label Innovation Show

GAMA&GAMA is an event partner at Private Label Innovation Show, 2022 edition

Vera Verde

Vera Verde, GAMA&GAMA's core foods brand, provides consumers with a diverse array of goods

Distribution services

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