Delicious cuisine, prepared with love and high-quality ingredients, connects people and unites souls. As a result, we take pride in a wide range of non-genetically modified products, a modern factory, and a 100% Romanian brand. You just put your soul into the dishes, and everything will work out!

White wheat flour – 550 – 1kg

White wheat flour – 000 – 1kg

Wheat semolina – 500g

White wheat flour – 000 – 1kg

Wheat semolina – 500g

Maize flour – 500g

Maize flour – 1kg

Speckled beans – 1kg

Navy beans – 900g

White beans – 1kg

Big grain rice – 1kg

Long grain rice – 1kg

Round grain rice – 1kg

Green lentils – 500g

Chickpeas – 500g

Red lentils – 500g

Distribution services

All you have to do is call, email, or fill out the form. We will provide all the necessary information, so let’s get to know each other!